• YES. I think you would cut the turn-over rates which leads to better work enviornments and happier employees and better works. SOme somteims we get so ass backwards we can't see and do what's right. GRRRRR
  • In Sweden (voted the #1 place to live for mothers) the maternity leave is 16 moths paid which can be split up between parents. So even the man can stay home with the baby! Also women have it much better because many times day care services are free or at least a person pays proportional to their income. Not to mention your hospital bill for giving birth is zero. That's right, they have government provided healthcare.
  • I hate the current situation. I work full time (for the government no less) and when I decide to have a child, I will get 6 weeks UNPAID maternity leave. If I want more time, I can use whatever sick leave or vacation leave I have saved up. If I want longer, I can take more time off UNPAID if I get it approved by my supervisor (and his boss too, I believe). It's ridiculous. What exactly am I supposed to do with 6 weeks - and unpaid too! How nice - have a baby, forfeit your paycheck. I'm actually very angry about that right now (if you couldn't tell), but there's really nothing I can do about it. It really feels like they're encouraging people either to not have kids, or to not spend any time with them. I think the minimum should be 6 months PAID leave. Especially since breastfeedind becomes nearly impossible once you return to work (you can pump and refrigerate to bottle feed it to the baby later, but how long do you really expect people to keep that up?) The US is really behind on things like this. I wish we'd change.

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