• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Look Like a Professional

    A suit conveys professionalism, seriousness of purpose and respect for the organization and the people doing the interviewing. A suit is the universally accepted and understood "uniform" of the job seeker. You'll never be asked why you wore a suit to an interview, but you might be asked why you didn't.

    On the Other: Consider the Culture

    A sport coat might be appropriate when interviewing at a business that not only maintains a casual atmosphere but also has a company culture that stresses nonconformity and openly rejects "corporate types." If you walk in to the business and see everyone wearing jeans and T-shirts, a sport coat might be appropriate.

    Bottom Line

    Unless you have been specifically told otherwise, wear a suit. There is no penalty for dressing professionally, but the risks of dressing too casual are high. Sure, a company might allow its employees to come to work in shorts and flip-flops, but you're not an employee yet.


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