• An infection of the bladder is a common problem in dogs, but it can be difficult to diagnose since dogs can't tell you how they are feeling. You have to observe the signs, which can be especially difficult in puppies that are still being trained.


    Incontinence is a sign of a bladder infection, but it also is a common problem in puppies since they are just learning how to use those muscles.

    Frequent Urination

    Another sign is urinating frequently in multiple spots. However, this again is a common problem in puppies because they have small bladders and have not learned to urinate properly.

    Little Urine

    Urinating small amounts of urine is another sign. For puppies, it would be very small amounts and it may be difficult to see.

    Excessive Drinking

    If a puppy is drinking an unusually large amount of water, that may be a sign of a bladder infection.

    Bloody Urine

    Blood in the urine is another sign of a bladder infection, however it usually isn't enough to see it with the naked eye unless other problems are associated with the bladder infection.

    Struvite Stones

    Struvite stones are stones in the bladder that may be passed on occasion. These stones are almost exclusively the result of the waste products from bacteria in a bladder infection. However, not all bladder stones are struvite stones, so all stones should be analyzed.


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