• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: An Unbelievable Variety

    The food on a Carnival Elation cruise is incredible. There are so many different choices that it's hard to decide. You can start off your day with a full breakfast, enjoy a buffet lunch and choose from several main courses for dinner. The bistro has specialty coffees, pastries and ice cream. The Elation also features 24-hour stateroom service, a sushi bar and a New York-style deli.

    On the Other: There's Too Much

    The food on the Elation is delicious. The main problem is that there is too much of it. It's very possible to gain five pounds or more on a cruise. Food on the Elation is always available, and since people want to get what they pay for they just keep eating. There are healthy options, but many people won't take advantage of them because they're on vacation.

    Bottom Line

    Find a balance. Go ahead and enjoy the wonderful food that the chefs on the Elation have prepared, but don't overdo it. Eat until you're full and no more. Take advantage of the fitness options on board the ship; go for a swim, play a round of miniature golf or take a jog on the track. Enjoy everything that the Elation has to offer, not just the food.


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