• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Vinegar Cannot Flush Your System

    Vinegar does not flush your body of its toxins. Also, drinking vinegar is not a fool-proof way to pass a drug test.

    On the Other: Positive Testimonials

    Testimonials have been shared across the Internet from people claiming to have used vinegar to clean their systems--most frequently for the purpose of passing drug tests. They contend the acidity eliminates toxins from the body, including traces of drugs.

    Bottom Line

    The vinegar cure is a very popular urban legend, but, in reality, it is ineffective as a quick detox method and doesn't hold up against intense drug testing. It can also affect the Ph level of urine, which can also lead to a positive test. Vinegar (particularly apple cider vinegar) does have some health benefits, however. According to, vinegar can help cure joint pain and prevent premature aging, but it will not flush toxins out your system.


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