• DameWare is a remote-control program, much like the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), that allows a computer user to log in to a remote system and use it as if he were physically in front of it.

    DameWare NT Utilities

    This enterprise system management application integrates Windows NT administration utilities for Windows NT/2000/XP and Vista within an easy-to-use centralized interface.

    Active Directory Object

    DameWare comes with a powerful Active Directory Object Browser with Active Directory functionality found within Microsoft's MMC in addition to other supported features.

    DameWare Exporter

    This tool, which comes as part of the DameWare NT utilities, allows administrators to selectively export information gathered from remote Windows machines. It uses a graphical interface for the exporting process.

    The Client Agent Service

    This allows for the remote access of a remote system. The client agent needs to be installed as a service on the remote system before a connection is established.

    The Multi-threaded Feature

    This feature allows multiple views of the same or different machines simultaneously without the need of closing one view to load another. It is also possible to prioritize the threads.


    DameWare NT Utilities

  • It;s a remote control software similar to VNC and Teamviewer.

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