• John Paul Jones was a noted American naval commander who served during the Revolutionary War. His acts of bravery--including attacks on British vessels in their native waters--helped secure American independence.


    As a Revolutionary, John Paul Jones loved and cared for the United States, risking his life to secure its independence. The phrase "I have not yet begun to fight" is attributed to him and his battles during the war.


    John Paul Jones was a sailor from the age of 12, indicating a love for the ocean and seamanship in general.


    John Paul Jones was considered something of a ladies' man who took several mistresses throughout his life.


    John Paul Jones was a fairly vain man, who placed a great deal of value on station and standing. His eventual assignment to the Russian navy came as a great blow to his personal pride.


    According to The American Revolution Homepage, Jones took a great deal of care in his professionalism and perfectionism. He treated subordinates with respect but demanded the highest standards from those around him, indicating a concern for doing things "right."


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