• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Excellent Overall Quality.

    The Bosch brand has long been synonymous with both high quality and a high price tag, and the 2009 line of dishwashers indeed lives up to both expectations. While it does not come cheap, the Bosch dishwasher has a superior overall cleaning ability when compared to any other leading brands on the market. It also boasts excellent water and energy saving properties, as well as one of the quietest cleaning cycles available.

    On the Other: Some Hassles.

    While the Bosch dishwasher does possess excellent overall cleaning properties, it also lacks some major cleaning features. The dishwasher has no heated drying cycle, nor does it contain a hard food disposer. As a result, it is occasionally necessary to manually empty the food filter and if this is not done sufficiently or regularly, the dishwasher's cleaning ability will be suboptimal.

    Bottom Line

    Although the Bosch dishwasher lacks some convenience features, it has an excellent overall cleaning ability. With energy and water saving capabilities, the dishwasher provides a superior clean to the leading competitor brands on the market. For those who can afford the higher price tag, the Bosch provides an excellent clean.


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