• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Codes Can Be Copied

    A typical keypad lock has 10,000 possible entry codes. It would take more than 13 hours to try them all. But most people choose codes that are convenient, not secure. Birthdays and successive numbers are most commonly used. But even a completely random code is not secure if someone can easily watch you enter it. Unlike with physical keys, you will not necessarily know when and how many times your code has been copied.

    On the Other: Codes Can't Be Picked

    Traditional key locks can be opened by an intruder even without the key using a technique called "picking." However, it is much more difficult to force a keypad door lock to unlock without entering the code.

    Bottom Line

    Keypad door locks are safe if you select a random entry code, control who knows the entry code, and install the keypad in a location where it is not easy to view someone entering the code.


    Home Security: About Keypad Door Locks

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