• Computer processors come in very many different shapes and sizes. However, they all have the same functions, which is processing the information in the computer, such as when running programs.

    Amount of Cores

    The cores in a processor make all the computations and calculations that allow the computer to function. There are CPUs can contain up to four cores with today's technology. They come in quad core, dual core, and single core types.


    Microprocessors are tiny processors that are a little larger than your thumbnail. All microprocessors, except the Intel Atom 300 (dual core), are single core. They are widely used in small computers, such as netbooks, tablet PCs, and smart phones.

    Server Processors

    These processors are made to process information very quickly and be more reliable than regular processors, which makes them a little bit more expensive. These processors are almost exclusively used in servers that provide web hosting, where reliability is of utmost importance.

    Personal Computer Processors

    These processors are made for personal computers, such as laptops and desktops. Every desktop computer that can fit a micro ATX motherboard, or larger motherboard, into its case, will most likely use a processor that is not a server or a microprocessor.

    AMD and Intel

    AMD and Intel are the two biggest companies that produce computer processors. Both companies carry similar processors and are always in competition with each other. AMD and Intel processors are found in 99 percent of the computers around the world.


    Karol Harmata, professor of Computer Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

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