• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Benefits to Consider

    Although they should be used with caution, infrared heat lamps do have some benefits. Not only do they heat up quickly, but they provide a high-quality level of warmth, use relatively low amounts of energy and they don't cost very much.

    On the Other: Infrared Heat Lamps Should Be Used with Caution

    Infrared heat lamps only provide thermal heat, so there is no risk of skin cancer or other serious illnesses. It is important to use them safely, as they do have the potential to burn the skin when positioned too close to the body. Burning can also result from accidental touching of the lamp. The eyes have the most potential for harm from infrared heat lamps. It is important to wear eye shades when using infrared lamps, or keep the lamps positioned toward the lower extremities of the body. Long-term exposure from infrared heat can cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

    Bottom Line

    Infrared heat lamps are generally safe for use by sensible adults, but should not be used by children due to the high burning risk and potential damage to the eyes. When used properly, they are a practical approach to heating at a relatively low cost.


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