• Weather radios provide 24 hour weather coverage and alerts, but like any electronic item they can experience technical issues. Depending on the model of your Midland weather radio and your mode of use of the radio, one of four common reasons may be the culprit for the non-functioning alert light. Since having a fully functioning weather radio is important for your general safety and well-being, if none of the following remedies the problem you are experiencing with your weather radio, replace it immediately.

    Model 74-210

    Some owners of Midland radio model 74-210 have reported a malfunction of the alert mechanism. The receiver does not always automatically switch to alert mode, according to a National Weather Service report, but otherwise functions correctly. Midland no longer produces this model, having replaced it with the WR-30. If you use the older model 74-210, upgrade to a newer model.


    If you are powering the radio with batteries only, the batteries' charge may be low. Try replacing them with new lithium batteries and plugging the unit into an AC wall outlet, if possible. Always keep replacement batteries handy, especially when you know you will need to run the unit without the AC wall adapter.

    LED Bulbs

    The LED bulb may have gone out. Although LEDs provide long lasting light, just like any other light bulb, they eventually burn out. Check the owner's manual for your Midland radio to determine the replacement bulb you'll need, and where it may be obtained.

    Wiring Shorts

    Another possibility is a short in the radio. Contact Midland Radio Corporation at 1-816-241-8500 to learn the location of nearby approved service centers or repair facilities, so you can take it in for servicing. If your radio remains under warranty, Midland may service it.


    Midland Model 74-210 Weather Radio Receiver Consumer Information

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