• Bubble envelopes and bubble mailers are the same product. They are mail envelopes that are internally lined with bubble wrap. The bubble wrap helps prevent the contents of the mailer from being damaged.


    Bubble mailers are constructed from kraft paper, which is resistant to tearing. If a sealed package is opened, both the outer paper and the bubble wrap are damaged.

    Where You Can Find Bubble Mailers

    Purchase bubble mailers at retail office supply stores in person and online. Many stores, even grocery stores, carry bubble mailers.


    Bubble mailers come in variety of sizes. Smaller envelopes are less costly than larger ones. Measure the width of the object you are mailing, and then determine its thickness to determine the envelope size you need.

    Enviornmental Factor

    Bubble mailers are more compact than large shipping boxes and can be recycled. You can construct your own bubble mailers out of scrapbook paper and bubble wrap.


    Bubble mailers use self-adhesive material to seal. The adhesion bond is strong and makes the mailer harder to tamper with.


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