• Variations of "broken spirit" are found three times in the New King James and New International versions of the Bible, and six times in the New American Standard Version. It is used in both positive and negative ways in the Bible.


    A broken spirit can be defined as crippled, crushed, maimed and/or shattered.

    Common Terms

    Other biblical words used to describe a broken spirit are contrite, crushed and wounded. All of them denote anguish in one form or another.


    Although the term "wounded" is often used interchangeably with "broken," they have different meanings. Those with wounded spirits often have negative opinions and attitudes and blame others for their problems.


    In contrast with a wounded spirit, those with a broken spirit are humble, acknowledge their wrong doing, have genuine sorrow and a desire to repent and make things right with God and others.


    According to Psalm 51:17, God is near to those with a broken spirit. He does not despise them.


    Being broken in spirit has a similar meaning to a horse that has been broken. A horse that is broken has submitted to the control and wishes of the rider. A person with a broken spirit has submitted to God and His will.


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    The Truth About Christian Brokenness

  • 01-02-2017 It is not reliable to let people tell you what the bible says. Many people will make up stuff because they don't know what it says, and many will make up stuff because they wish it would not say what it says. You just have to read it for yourself. Read a chapter of Proverbs every day. Proverbs has 31 chapters so you can keep your place by just looking at a calendar. There is no religion or nothing in Proverbs and you don't have to believe anything. Just read to find wisdom. When you are comfortable with that, then read the bible from Romans to 2 Thessalonians over and over until you start to remember what it says. That is the part that applies to Christians. For your specific question you can go to any online bible and search all the uses of the word 'spirit' to find answers. I use

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