• If you are still using a land line in your home to connect a telephone or modem, then you are using a cord to connect to the wall jack. The standard phone cord for this type of use is a 2-wire, varying in length.

    The Facts

    A 2-wire phone cord is used primarily to establish a connection by connecting a telephone to a wall jack.


    As far as multi-wire phone cords are concerned, there are 2-wire, 4-wire, 6-wire and 8-wire.


    You can tell a 2-wire phone cord by the standard RJ-11 (Registered Jack) plastic tip connector at either end of the cord. There are two center pins on the tip, as opposed to four for the 4-wire. The same is true for the 6- and 8-wire.


    A 2-wire cord will only support a telephone with one line. If you are using a home telephone with more than one line, you will need to connect the phone with a 4, 6 or 8 wire, depending on the number of phone lines you have.


    If you use a 2-wire cord on a 2-line telephone set, line 2 of that phone will be completely dead.


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