• Weight gain can be difficult for individuals who are naturally thin or who have high metabolism. Both men and women who feel as though they suffer from high metabolism may desire to gain weight. Weight gain can be done in a healthy manner that uses foods and techniques that are good for your body. Through the right exercise and by using healthy fats in your diet, you can gain and maintain weight despite high metabolism.

    Do the math

    Gaining weight with a high metabolism may take a little more calculation. It is important to know the amount of calories you take in every day, prior to changing your diet, and the amount of calories that you exert daily. Since one pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories, to add a pound a week, this is the amount of additional calories that will need to be consumed. Track your calories consumed and exerted for three to fours days prior to changing your diet. This can be done through online programs or books that state how many calories are in each food, and how many calories are used during specific exercises. Some work out centers will also have a computer program that will do the calculations for you. Once you are aware of how many calories it takes your body to maintain its current weight, you can add 500 calories to your daily intake to establish the intake needed to gain weight.

    Weight training

    Weight training adds muscle mass and weight to the body. Lifting weights two to three times a week, while allowing time for the muscles to recover between work outs, will allow the body to build muscle. Lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions is known to increase strength and overall mass. When lifting heavy weights, it is important to be instructed on the proper form and to have a spotter nearby in case the weight becomes too heavy during the last sets of exercise.


    Though it is important to intake the recommended eight glasses of water each day, it is important to pack calories into other beverages. Making a dense fruit shake will assist in adding calories. Adding bananas, a high calorie fruit, along with other fruits to a smoothie will add not only nutritional value but additional calories as well.

    Dense foods

    Consume foods that are dense in calories. Avocados, nuts, peanut butter, seeds and olive oil all contain healthy fats. These are foods that can be used in snacks or during cooking that will add high calories into your diet in a healthy manner. Consuming these foods daily will assist in adding weight. Get creative with them. Add peanut butter to the top of a pancake, or avocado to your sandwich.


    Ways to Gain Weight

  • go see a doctor, you might have thyroid issues

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