• Mudminnows are small bottom-dwelling fish. They are called "mudminnows" because they bury themselves tail-first into the muddy bottoms of ponds, streams or rivers where they hide from predators. Although "minnow" is in their name, mudminnows are not really minnows. They're a close relative of the pike.

    Mudminnows are Carnivores

    Mudminnows in the wild are both carnivorous and herbivores, but thrive mostly on insects, larvae, smaller fish, fish eggs, snails, clams, shrimp and other small crustaceans.

    Mudminnows are Herbivores

    Mudminnows also eat plants, algae and other organic plant matter.

    Mudminnows in Captivity

    Mudminnows are kept in captivity for the purpose of raising bait. When kept in an aquarium, mudminnows can be fed small whole worms, cut-up large worms and cut-up shrimp.

    Commercial Food for Mudminnows

    Commercial fish food can be fed to mudminnows. Fish food that comes in pellets is preferred over flakes.

    Harvesting Food for Mudminnows

    Using a net, dig up the muddy bottom of a stream bed to find organic matter to feed to your mudminnows. In the murky water you will find larvae of insects and other organic plant matter that can be harvested to feed to the mudminnows.


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