• Doctors record dictation after making a diagnosis, performing an examination or operation, and prescribing treatment. Medical transcription is the process of turning this dictation into a written record of patient care.


    Medical transcription involves listening to dictation and typing what is said into a document, mental record or form. The written information is then added to a patient's medical records.


    Medical transcription involves working with computers to enter dictation data. Normally, dictation is sent digitally over the Internet or on a disc.


    Medical transcription work requires fast typing in order to quickly record the information contained in dictation. Accuracy is also extremely important in medical transcription, as mistakes may cause patients to receive the wrong type of care.


    To work in the field of medical transcription, it is necessary to attend a one-year training program or receive a two-year associate's degree. Topics covered in these courses include medical terminology, equipment use and privacy regulations required for success in the field.


    In November 2009, the average annual salary for workers in the field of medical transcription was $32,000, according to


    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Medical Transcriptionists Medical Transcriptionist Salaries

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