• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Food is Good

    Some experts recommend using a heavily diluted liquid fertilizer, like Green Green or Miracle-Gro, on Lucky Bamboo plants. When fertilizing a Lucky Bamboo plant, it's important to change the water in your plant's container every seven to 10 days to prevent a buildup of bacteria or other organisms that may develop as a result of the nutrients found in the fertilizer.

    On the Other: Too Much of a Good Thing

    Some experts recommend against fertilizing Lucky Bamboo plants altogether. With Lucky Bamboo, stalk yellowing seems to be closely linked to additives to the water, including fertilizer, and in some instances, once a stalk starts to yellow, the entire stalk must be removed. Also, Lucky Bamboo typically thrives without fertilizer.

    Bottom Line

    Most Lucky Bamboo plants can tolerate the use of a heavily diluted, well-balanced liquid fertilizer like Green Green or Miracle-Gro. Limit fertilizing to once a month at most, and be alert for any signs of plant stress such as yellowing stalks or leaves, or browning tips on the leaves, which are an indication that the bamboo isn't tolerating the fertilizer well.


    Emily Compost

    Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions

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