• It differs from person to person. You can find out by eating corn with one of your meals. If it takes more than a day you prob. need more fiber in your diet. Try the new metamucil wafers, they are actually pretty good!
  • I don't have a time frame but I was taking a daily multivitamin and it would come out of me the same way that it went in. My doctor told me to take some children's chewable vitamins at least that way something will get absorbed. I don't know the meaning of your screen name but I sort of use words that are comparable to your Snakesnrocks to describe my bowel movements to my doctor. I use "pebbles" and "serpents".
  • depends on what you eat' usually about 2 hours'
  • Start to finish? I think 18-24 hours
  • if you eat a lot of meat many days. Vegetarians average at 1 day, and vegans less. Fruitarians are looking at a few hours
  • Average for a healthy gut is 36 hours. I use the sweetcorn indicator test and it is reliable everytime! Those bad boys are virtually indigestible and act as a bright yellow beacon for inspection when you do your number 2. Don't delay start the test today!
  • A couple of hours.

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