• you might pay him off to keep the house
  • You are co-owners of the house. He can't legally do that.
  • If you now own the property as tenants in common with your brother, he can sell 50% of the property and then you would be tenants in common with the new owner.
  • If it is left equally to both he can not sell it without your consent........he would have to by you out then sell it off, but he can not do anything if legally your father left it to both of you.
  • he can't sell the house without your consent. if he wants to sell the house you would have to sign over your share of the house to him and that's the only way he could legally sell. if he does sell then you should higher a lawyer.
  • Yes, as others have said, he can't sell without your consent.
  • If it is an EQUAL ownership as titled on the DEED ... he won't be able to sell without YOUR consent. However; it might be to your advantage to TRY to buy his share of the property and get it titled in JUST your name to avoid any conflict ... that is , IF you want to keep it .. +5

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