• At least you knew the Nazi's were the ones in the brown shirts.
  • Tough question. Both can/could not tolerate different peoples and cultures, and kill without mercy the differents. Both are contemptible.
  • nAZIS of course nazis they were the worst. guess why i said nazis. cause im Jewish of course. Every Jewish person would write nazis are worse. (did you notice i didnt capitalize nazis lol)
  • I would say Nazis were worse. They killed a lot more people. +5
  • there is no worse in this case, if you gave the Islamic Militants power they would be just as bad if not worse then the Nazis were. I would say they were equal.
  • funny question indeed... I wonder which country used Nuclear Bombs and is constantly killing people by invading their countries... ::rolleyes::
  • They are equally bad
  • Islamic Militants (it's mixed with communism)
  • The US Army. It's mixed with capitalism and they've been doing it for centuries -- they must be holding the record # of people killed.
  • I have no idea what we are to use as the criterion to judge, if you were killed by either you would be just as dead. If one is decide over a number of years and over a wider area I would go with the first, if one is looking at the number killed in a shorter time span I would suppose the Nazis. If one is to use the methods and the time that some took to die again I would think the Nazis. I have no idea if one is to look better or worse because of such a comparison as in - is there a point here?
  • And what of the christian terrorists? I don't know if there are jewish terrorists or not, but no good religion ever came out of that stinking desert. Nazis? They were bad. At least they wore uniforms.
  • Anyone who does never question the orders they are given.

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