• The constitution says the president must be native born, but with the current president being born in Kenya I suppose that does not matter under at least some circumstances. Since Schwartznegger is not a "minority" he probably has to play by the law of the land.
  • President? I think he has got his hands full with just California. I do not think he will be reelected for a second term as governor, either. The Constitution would also have to be Amended in order for him to run. Therefore, I do not think that will happen.
  • Doubtful. Natural born citizen has never been adequately determined. As McCain was born in Panama.
  • NOT. He is not a native born US citizen and that is one of the qualifications.
  • I saw what BHO put up as his COLB, and it is clearly a fraud. You would know it too, if you knew the first thing about document technology and obvious anachronisms.
  • Not. He was born outside the US.
  • Nope: even though he is easily one of the most famous governers (and definetly better than any of the idiots currently running the US legislator), he is simply unable to meet the requirements. He wasn't born in the US, although there are plenty of supporters hoping to amend this little thing in the Constitution. -Gondorf the 5th-
  • Although i loved him in all his movies, the answer is no, he is not a naturally born Us citizen, making it impossible for him to ever hold the position President. I don't think he probably should be president anyhow, just because your popular doesn't mean you have the right to be president, i know this does happen, but it still doesn't mean its right. Although he couldn't be much worse then bush was, Arnold is probably even smarter then him also lol.
  • No, he's not running. Besides the fact that he can't, he's tired of politics and wants out. He was a mediocre governor, but certainly not the worst. California is so f**ked up that no one can save it.
  • No cuz he wasn't born in america

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