• Laugh to myself and think about when I was a young little thief myself.
  • yes because this causes shrinkage for a business and guess who pays for this loss down the road .... +5
  • As the Dionne Warwick song goes, Walk On By.
  • yell loudly and let everyone know so they could shoot me --not I would ignore the situation, You must think of yourself first in some situation.
  • I would mind my own business because I'm not the one that's going to jail when the store cameras are everywhere.
  • Tell the person: "Smile, you are on cctv." +5
  • Call the police and press charges. I own a store. I am sick of getting stolen from. It is theft, it is stealing. When I find empty packages on the shelf, I raise the price of the item to cover the stolen one. Someone is paying for that stolen item in every store, because every store raises prices to cover theft. Go ahead, walk on by or smile. You just paid for what they stole.
  • I let them know that I know. +5
  • Report them. However, it would be best if I could do this while keeping an eye on them to make sure they didn't get rid of it in the meantime. I would be a witness if necessary. Stealing is wrong. It's not cute, it's not funny, it's wrong.
  • Snap a picture on my cell and report them to the store.
  • I would not bother to anything ,beauuse i am not paid to watch shoplifters ,i always mind own busiess and even i report to manager and they call the police and then i have to give statement ,and later they call me in the court ,so it is waste of time.if the store owner cares much about thier merchandise then they should have undercover security.
  • Let them know that I know and report it to the manager to be on the lookout for these folks.
  • I would do something this world could stand to do ALOT more of: I'd MMOFB!!!! (Mind my OWN friggin' business)
  • I'd silently watch, then actually settle back and wait to see if they got caught. if not caught i'd mention it off-hand to someone there but i would never outright 'snitch'. It's just not the way i was brought up. it is a grey-area type situation. I don't think it is right to steal, but ......
  • talk it up with em, ask for the family bible back, shit my drawrs.
  • I'd tell them to Put THAT SHOP DOWN NOW!!!!
  • If they look very poor and it's food they're shoplifting I would not say anything. Otherwise I would tell them to put it back and get out of there before I snitch on them. Emmanuel Matityahu
  • turn em in

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