• It's because when you're reading you use your imagination.
  • Because neither TV nor the web comes remotely close to the richness of the book.
  • i would prefer to read a book over tv anyday, i read nightly before bed this is my total unwind time and my body's signal we are sleeping soon. +5
  • I read because I learn more from a book than from watching the television. I have to use my brain to comprehend...not just sit and stare forward with my mouth hanging open.
  • The real reason people still use books is because the brain has finished growing and developing once we reach about 30. The brains basic structure has set into place. . Although new neural pathways can be created, its is so much harder for things to become second nature. . If you give an under 30 a PC they will quite quickly come to grips with it and it will become "easy" is a short amount of time. . If you are 50 and try the same thing, you will get it eventually but it will take longer and this presents an internal conflict where the users patience becomes the deciding factor as to weather they stick with it or stop using the PC. . There are generations of 40/50/60/70 year olds out there that will either not touch a PC or have tried but found that the stress of learning a new task out weighs the perceived benefits and they have given up. . As a result they continue to use books as a primary, blissfully unaware of what they are missing out on. . :)

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