• People cannot accept others for several reasons. -They could be afraid of things which they do not agree with. -They do like their own interests and would like the satisfaction of others liking them too. -Accepting things which are opposite their believes could go against a family tradition of not accepting. -They are lacking in self-esteem and feel the need to degrade others. Basically if you know someone who is ridiculously closed-minded, they are probably not going to change and the best action is to be the bigger man and accept them.
  • it's easier to just assume
  • Plus 5 for your question. And my answer is that most just don't or don't want to see the true beauty in others now days. And that is a very sad part of todays life. For I believe if they did, this world would be a much greater place.
  • 1 they are idiots 2 they are idiots 3 they are idiots 4 they are idiots
  • Well probably most often we don't know who they are "on the inside" or if we do we might not like who they are. Things like looks, preferences, tastes help both bring us closer to some people and separate us from others. That is natural. Are you so "ignorant and close minded" you can't see that?
  • I which women and girls would stop being so judgemental of others. That why the gossip and slander others. If women and girls stop doing this. They would have more real friends.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I which women and girls would stop being so judgemental of others? What a strange sentence. Anyway, regardless of the strangeness of that sentence, where I come from we are not like that, and we are never short of real friends, so now who is being judgemental?
  • Where I come from, most of us do accept others for who they are on the inside. Most of us don't care that much about looks, musical tastes and sexual preferences.
  • cause they havent opened up their minds yet
  • Why can't you accept ignorant and close-minded people for being who they choose to be?
  • That's because we are all different, so we do not think or feel the same way.

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