• Step back and let them sort out their feelings...among all three.
  • Go for it. Let them handle it on their own It may or may not work out But either way, they will have learned something
  • planed parenthood asap! ... they are already having sex at this point.
  • Are they 14 or 19?
  • If they were teens, would just explain to them consequences of what is likely to happen in the event of a breakup. If they were adults at this time, would stay out of their business until such time my invitation had been delivered.
  • I would tell her just as some others already mentioned, that there are consequences to a break up. I wouldnt go on about it though. She will not know what I am talking about until she experiences it one day. I am not a protector but a guardian. I guard and defend when needed on the path of life that my children walk.
  • What age group are we talking about ?? 17-18 ... no big deal. 12-13 ... I don't think I'd approve of it. It's not the age difference, it's the age. +5
  • It sounds like the end of the friendship is inevitable.
  • This question is just too easy... My thinking is that if her brother likes him as a good friend, then based on that friendship, she feels very much safer going out with him... OR If the brother's friend has done sleepovers, she maybe has noticed some distinctive physical feature that has caught her attention... All you can do is hope it's for the first reason... Good luck... ;~)
  • How do the three feel? Life happens, go with it.
  • i would not consider my response, i would consider my sons responce, its his friendship that will be changed,,
  • I'd be all for it my friend. If it is your son's best friend, he would certainly treat her with respect because he would not want to jeopardize his friendship with your son nor his standing with your family. I think that would be much safer than having her date brand x joe blow from Kokomo or wherever! Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • There is only 16 months between my son and my daughter and this has never happened - her big brothers' best friends are like extended family; they have always all looked out for each other. But if it had happened, assuming they were old enough to be "dating", I would have been wholly comfortable with it - at least we would have known the boy beforehand ;0)
  • I'd support all three of 'em.
  • It depends on the ages of all involved.
  • Hmmm. Allow it of course, but limit the amount of time she can spend with him. That way the two guys will remain friends as well.

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