• of course not. Everyone cares what others think about them. What they should say is im going to do wahtever i want regardless of what people say about me. Its more true than the other.
  • For the most part, yes. When I say I don't care what anybody thinks of me, I mean anybody but my loved ones. I care a great deal what those I love think of me
  • Yes. I can't speak for everyone or even pretend to know if they are fronting or not. However I have known people that really dont give a Fu*k, fart in elevators, expose themselves, say controversial things without even a hint of being self conscious.
  • I am a living breathing example. It doesn't mean I can do whatever I want it means I am okay with my choices and damn the torpedos.
  • If that person keeps bleating on about it, then they're probably hiding their true feelings.If however like me they're perfectly happy in their own skin then why should they care! Family aside of course!! +5 Jadey.
  • I don't believe them if they go on and on about it. Why would they need to keep telling themselves that if they didn't care? Therefore, in my opinion, they care a lot more than they let on. They're just trying to convince themselves they don't.
  • From the state of some of those I see around me..yes.
  • I believe so, yes. It seems that there are significant numbers of people with severe apathy about a great many things.
  • i agree beause everyone has the right to live the way they wanted .and we are not living for others so why should be care what other think about us.
  • I think that for people who say that it only applies to certain aspects of their lives, or for the most part, they really do just not care. However, I believe that all people have at least one person in their life they want to care about them. I think that for people like that, they don't care what the majority thinks, but they do care what at least one person thinks about one certain aspect of their lives. Did I talk myself in circles? Sorry if I did.
  • I don't know. It certainly isn't true for me. I think we always need a certain amount of approval. But if we can get it from the few people that matter to us, the opinion of other people is less important.
  • Yes. As a matter of survival. Especially if you are autistic. +5
  • It wouldn't be true for me because I care very much what my loved ones think of me, but maybe not everyone feels that way. I think most people do care what at least some people think of them, be it family, friends, their boss or work colleagues, because otherwise they might as well be hermits as they presumably won't want any social interactions. Most people want to be loved, accepted, appreciated and valued, I think that's normal human behaviour. I'm sure there are exceptions to the norm, but I think they must be in a very small minority.
  • I could care less. +2
  • + i could not say that i used to think i could but no. i will say what a trusted friend said would bear more weight than a complete stranger. congrats on ? of the day.
  • Yes it can. I do it every day. I'm doing it right now. =P The only people whose opinions I care about are my best friends and my close family. I only barely care about those either, I frequently disregard them. Then I only care about what someone thinks of me if it means I'll get sacked or kicked out of uni lol. Even then I don't care what they personally think of me, just the consequences of them thinking badly of me.
  • I do care greatly..,irs humun nature, too be liked,and to liked too loved,and to loved. gods great gift fot our procreation.
  • Yeah.If you don't feel like going and crying or kicking somebody's ass everytime theym say something 'bout you.
  • I do it all the time. It's really not my business what other people think of me. I can only be me anyway, what good would it do to care what other people think. If they don;t care for me, I cannot change, I can only be me... everyone else is taken.
  • I dont think so, because if no-body cared about what others thought of them, we would live in a VERY different world. Where people would act on impulse and shoot and kill(die), or hurt other people, not taking in the considerations for their actions or the actions of others. Just think of it. We WOULD live in a much colder place than we live in to today if we did not care. Its in our human nature to care about what people think of us. If we didnt, we would just be cold and heartless, and not everyone is cold and heartless. Its normal to take into account what others think of you, otherwise if you didnt, you could be guilty of being the cold one, of not caring for yourself (your needs) or for theirs. The question is, which people? and do they matter as to what they think of me. Some peoples thoughts matter, others.... dont. If this was hard to understand; let me know.
  • This has confused me sometimes too. It is true of the ignorant, but i doubt someone who is ignorant would think to say it. If you voice this statement out loud it negates itself as you must care a little to have assessed that you don't care... surely??
  • If I am craving for attention I will care of that thing... If I am supporting the truth I will not care for their thoughts...
  • It's not so much what others think of me, it's what I think of myself, and my self respest. I choose to be kind to others, someday I may be in thier shoes, or the situation they're in...
  • I do not believe they all mean it.
  • I don't know how it is for anybody else, but I only care about what the people I love and care for think of me. Everyone else, I am sure, has a character invented for me already. I'm not worried.
  • only you can answer that question

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