• You broken rusted piece of wood Those words you said were understood You mean piece of a crazy script You seem to me all but fit In those dark days inside your mind Only a labyrinth no one will find The sweetness of your devilish ways Only in my mind it seems a gaze I know this comment is not a defeat For on the inside I think you are sweet So please sir get back to me on this subject soon Next time you say i'm a rotten wooden mixing spoon Or that made up midnight winged racoon =)
  • You Ziplock bag with a kiwi inside! ...yeah I got nuthin'.
  • You George W. Bush!
  • Those are archaic insults that I don't even understand the meaning of. But, here's an insult from me to you since you asked for it: "You're mother is a whore who sleeps with 12 men every night!"
  • You mangy Targ! My bat'leth yearns for your throat!! +4

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