• turn the negative things into positive things
  • I find it impossible to be positive. My life is ruled by cynicism and phobias now. +3
  • Multiply all the negative things by -1.
  • Music. my life in the eyes of others seems like a train wreck, but im not an unhappy person. Just have to find the good bits and hold onto them
  • My invisible friends cheer me up.
  • Get away from those negative things. Put on a coat and take a walk. Get outdoors. Hop on the bicycle and ride a trail in the country or the woods. Nothing negative out there.
  • whenever you feel negative just lay down and close your eyes for some moment and recall your sweetest memory of life.
  • You need to look deep into yourself to find the peace. I have been sick for a year now. I have had nausea, vomiting, and pain every day! I am now on a nutritional drink diet. I feel as I am starving myself! Then I get angry and frustrated that I have to still do the grocery shopping and cooking for my family. I almost gave up! But I realized, everything looks like shit to me now! I can sit here and feel sorry for myself and allow my sickness to take over or I can just deal with it and try to be as normal as possible. I choose to deal with it, for my family and mainly myself. I am turning all the negatives of my situation and am looking for the positives out of it. Like the fact that I am alive! The fact I have awesome kids! But most importantly, I have I don't let the thousands of dollars in doctors bills or pain and agony get to me so much!

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