• Flashlight and optics quality and evaluation is surprisingly obsessive amongst aficionados. I cannot recall the website of a particular enthusiast who meticulously tests almost every light device produced. These days, higher power white LED flashlights are essentially best all-around. Forget argon, xenon and especially krypton. Mid-to-high power LED flashlights are quite powerful, have an adjustable glass lens for spot/flood effects, and are very resistant to elements. Battery life is incomparably longer, and LEDs do not generally burn out until they have been used for thousands of hours. The gold standard (as a firearm enthusiast) is the Surefire: Very pricey but top-notch. Comparable is Scorpion: But I halt at spending over $40 for a really good flashlight, so I generally look for the following in the 'entry level' LED lights: - Aluminum construction - 1/4 or 1/2 watt white LEDs - Multiple LEDs, sometimes a group of smaller switchable to a large single light - Glass focusing lens The only real drawback to white LEDs is that the light is quite cold and slightly blue-tinged white, but the distance and durability can't be beat in comparison to gas (xenon, krypton), and filament lights are worthless, all of which are generally as 'cold' as LEDs anyway. Look for a rubber booted switch or a rear-mounted momentary-and-toggle switch for extra weather proofing. And if you're new, don't spend more than $40.

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