• Gundam Toys were first sold in Japan in 1979 and their popularity continues to rise. Gundam toys and models have been popular in Japan from their beginning, and they seem to be taking over hobby stores, comic book stores and online retail stores in the United States. You will find Gundam Wing on the Cartoon Network's programing schedule amid the other shows that are also shown during their blocks of Toonami programming. Decide whether you are looking for rare Gundam toys or if you are just a casual customer seeking toys for a child. Rare Gundam toys can be very expensive.

    Rare Models

    Many people in the United States who collect Japanese anime toys often seek rare items that are not always easy to find. You will be wise to check out online sites for these rare types of Gundam toys. Dig deep and seek blogs, message boards and online forums using specific keywords, such as "rare+gundam+toys."

    More Common Items

    As Gundam toys rise in popularity you will be able to find them in retail locations such as Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us. Last year during the holiday season Costco stores in the United States featured sets of Gundam toys. You may just be a casual fan of the anime offerings of the Toonami features on Cartoon Network or a fan of the several Gundam video games on the market. If that is the case it will be easy to start your collection with common items and then slowly build to more sought after collectors' items if you choose to later.


    Gundam Toy Information

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