• Of course! I would have a great advantage since I would have the perfect parents to practice the language.
  • Personally I would not get involved with someone I could not have a conversation with in the first place. Nothing against anyone who speaks another language Is just communication is important and if the relationship lacks due to a language barrier what kind of relationship can one really have?
  • I would do my best to learn it, after all, he must've learned my language for us to be together in the first place.
  • My partner's first language is different than my own and yes, I learned her language. Actually was ok with the language before I met her, but since I met her I continued learning more of it from her and became fluent. So I already had an interest and desire to learn the language anyways but becoming fluent in another language is always an asset and it also brought my gf and I closer because I could understand another side of her and her life in another country and it's culture.
  • Yes. My ex boyfriend's first language (Tamil) was different to mine, he taught me a lot of it (we only split a couple of years ago and I have just realised that I have forgotten all of it now.. how strange), anyway, it got to the point where we could even argue in his language! =)
  • Yes I would and yes I did. I now speak fluent "man-talk". *grunt* = dinner is good *grunt* = dinner wasn't so good *grunt* = no, I don't want to go to the movies *grunt* = yes, I do want to go to the movies.
  • I'll probably have learned her language by now, I can survive in about 4 languages now, but if I ever meet a girl not speaking Dutch, English, French or German, I'll learn her language :)
  • 7-12-2017 Absolutely, if it's an actual language. I won't even try to learn the female language where I am supposed to guess what she doesn't want to say.

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