• Should be. Sex without having a baby is pleasuring your addiction.
  • G'day NICK, Thank you for your question. No. Even if you're trying for a baby, you don't conceive one every time you have sex. Regards
  • What the hell is wrong with you Nick!?!? I thought you were at least somewhat liberal!! You are starting to sound like a hysterical catholic now! You know what, if that's the way you feel about life; then do me, yourself, your girlfriend and the rest of the universe a favor and go join either the OMV or Clerecian Missionaries ( the 2 orders of priests that I use to have to deal with ). My wonderful counselor, Father Bishop, was a Clerecian MIssionary. You can read about him in my profile!
  • Sex...WITHIN O.K. (Song of Solomon 1:12-14) “As long as the king is at his round table my own spikenard has given out its fragrance. 13 As a bag of myrrh my dear one is to me; between my breasts he will spend the night. 14 As a cluster of henna my dear one is to me, among the vineyards of En-ge′di.” (Song of Solomon 2:6) His left hand is under my head; and his right hand—it embraces me. (Song of Solomon 3:1) “On my bed during the nights I have sought the one whom my soul has loved. I sought him, but I did not find him. (Song of Solomon 5:4) My dear one himself pulled back his hand from the hole [of the door], and my inward parts themselves became boisterous within me.
  • No. Why do you think nature in its wisdom would gave us rubber trees if not for the purpose of making condoms?
  • Outside of marriage it is. There is nothing in the Bible against birth control.
  • Hmmm. Makes me wonder about Lot and his daughters...
  • No it is not. God made sex pleasurable for a reason. He made so to marry couples would enjoy it. I can only speak with my walk with God. If you married you can have much sex as you and your wife want to.
  • No, sex is a way for both partners to express their love for one another. During a sexual act, the man and woman give themselves completely over to the other. And in the end creating an amazing feeling of pleasure overpowering with love. . Sorry if I sound a bit to overly lovey dovey, but it's what I feel anyway.
  • When you say one thing is a sin, then you have to name all the other sin things. You cant choose which is a sin and which isnt a sin. It doesnt work that way. the funny thing about sin, is it no longer exists. people claim Jesus is Lord and still claim sin is affecting them. Jesus came to release us from the sin restrictions. He said the spirit of the Law was more important than deciding what was a sin and what wasnt a sin. The spirit is about Love. Love for your Creator and Love for your fellow man/woman. Claiming sin exists is denying Jesus even came to the earth to save you from your sins. Its a common misunderstanding. The church still wants to control its members. Sin and Guilt are ways to do that. Gentiles cant sin and have never ever sinned. Jews are the biggest sinners. When you follow the sin path, then you are following the old testament and totally ignoring the new covenant in the new testament. yah yah, Romans. Well, Romans was written to the Jewish converts to Christian. They had sin issues. Read it with that new knowledge and it will all make sense.
  • No, as long as the sex is consentual between a heterosexual married couple.
  • Yes. Sex is meant for procreation. Although it feels good, the reason why sex feels good is because you are creating a new life form, a beautiful baby. Sex even between a married couple, for the purpose of sense pleasure is not correct because the couple is having sex out of lust. There are 7 deadly sins and among them is lust. Lust has been condemned from Adam and Eve to Samson and Delilah. Lust is one of the ruins of society and is why sexual diseases exist. In different eras in time, people only had sex for procreation. Jesus was born out of Immaculate Conception. This basically means that Mother Mary was virgin although she gave birth to Jesus. This is the reason why she is considered pure and called Virgin Mary. Whether it be a man or woman, those who lust and allows their lustful desires to continue to grow, knowing they are wrong; are committing one of the biggest sins and will only lead to total destruction. I will use a simple example; people don't or shouldn't lust after their mother, sister, brother or father? Why aren't they women and men? The reason is because they respect them. In the same way God has taught all people to never lust after anyone even your spouse. Women in your age group should be treated like your sister. Men in your age group should be treated like your brother. Men younger than you should be treated like your son or younger brother. Women younger than you should be treated like daughter or younger sister. Men and women older than you should be treated like fathers and mothers. With such reverence, who can there be any lust? Jesus teaches us that the ultimate form of love is between God and devotee. If a devotee of God never lusts for God; how can a devotee lust after their husband/wife or other people? Jesus who lived on earth never lusted after anyone but only gave them love. So based on Jesus Christ’s teachings; love and lust aren’t the same. If marriage is the purest form of love between a man and woman; how can there be lust? Lust is like a weed in a garden if not taken out; even one weed will destroy the entire garden. Therefore if you truly love your spouse there can be no lust. True love means selfless devotion. So the true relationship between a married is couple is to Love each just for each other out of love for God and also love each other because you are both souls of God. This doesn't mean not have a sex but only have sex to have a child as dedication to God. Because Jesus has taught us all Children are the greatest gifts from the Lord. Hope I helped, just giving you advice I follow.
  • No it is not if you are using a biblical reference. The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control. Pretty clear cut.
  • Sex is one of God's gifts to mankind :) Much like alcohol, TV and friendship. However, God has given us constraints within which to enjoy it- and that is within hetrosexual marriage. He hasn't done this because he is a spoil sport- but rather because this is his intention for mankind, and because he knows that abusing such things will affect us negatively. Sex is for enjoyment, not just procreation, and is therefore not sinful- as long as it is within marriage.
  • no, not at all.
  • nick .. if you keep asking these questions ,, i'm gonna come over there and f#$k the s#$t outta you ... and get it over with ;-)
  • No. Why do you think God made it so pleasureable if it just for conception. Nick it is personal choice that between you and your wife. But honesty you sound like you are fearful of sex. My suggestion get married and have sex and see wont that change your mind.
  • No. Many married people have sexual relations when there is little or no probablity of pregnancy. A woman is only fertile for a few days a month. Married couples who do not want children at this time may have sexual relations on every day except those days on which the woman is fertile. This is a very simple explanation of Natural Birth Control. In addition: + Married couples where the woman is past child bearing age may have sexual relations + Married couples where the woman or the man is infertile may have sexual relations With love in Christ.
  • No. Sex is not a sin period. God said man should not be alone and that he should be fruitful and multiply. Always had trouble with fornication. Sex is a basic natural instinct and that is why i think that the majority of christians have committed that over and over again.
  • It is a sin if you are doing it and you are not married, and are doing it with someone other than your spouse.

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