• Chances are you might not know the size of your car tire, but the information is readily available. Knowing what size tires fit your car will help you shop around to find the best deals on the type of tires you want. There are many different tire types and not all may be available in the size you need.

    Locate the Code

    The tire size code is on the side of the current tires. The code will most likely start with the letter P, indicating the car as a passenger vehicle. An example of the code could appear as "P185/75R14." Sometimes the code will lead with a number, indicating the tire's width in millimeters. The 75 indicates the comparison of height and width. R indicates the construction type as radial. The 14 indicates the diameter of the wheel in inches.

    Look in Your Owner's Manual

    If you have the owner's manual for your car, the type and size of tires that came with your car will be identified. In this section you will likely also learn how to take care of the tires and when they should be rotated, balanced and replaced.

    Bring Your Car to a Tire Shop

    A tire shop will also be able to tell you the size and type of tires you have and which tires are compatible with your car. It is important that you only use tires that are compatible with your car to prevent damage to it. The tire shop will also be able to give you the pricing of the new, including installation.


    How to choose tires


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