• No name? No address? .... keep
  • Sure would keep it!!
  • No ; I'd run an ad saying that I had FOUND an envelope and IF you can describe what is inside and in what denominations etc .. I'll return it to you ... +5
  • Untraceable. I'll keep the money. A hobo like me can use the money as a start to look for a decent job.
  • Keep, definitely. Call me selfish if you must, but that thousand bucks can do a lot.
  • I would turn it over to the police department. The person who dropped it might need it to pay the rent, or a house payment. Maybe they were going shopping for food for a few weeks and needed it so that the children could eat. There are many more reasons for turning it in that could be very important to the person who lost it. It would be the right thing to do, and if I didn't, I don't think I could sleep at night..
  • I would use it to stimulate the economy.
  • F the police the money is mine
  • I may be a thief, but not a liar. I'm keeping it.
  • Give it the cops. (Bet he really believed THAT one.)
  • Keep it and post an ad in the paper saying the following: FOUND: Envelope containing cash.To claim it,please provide Date,Time,EXACT Location,and Amount Call: XXX-XXX-XXXX. If it's not claimed within 2 wks...It's mine PS.I do have caller Id and will keep a record of all calls recv'd..
  • Been there,done that,found an envelope behind a sink(demo work)it was waterlogged and all but destroyed(envelope),it had $1,100+ in it,,bought me and the family a few nice things back in the '80's.
  • grab it up put an ad in the newspaper and if someone could describe the envelope and the exact location where it was lost and the exact amount I would give release it to them and hope they would reward me for my honesty , but if the ad was not responded to within a few days then of course finders keepers!!!

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