• LIVING is abiding in the present moment. It is a mistake to dwell in the past and project into the future as most of us spend most of our lives doing. Each and every time I re-member to be here NOW is the opportunity to correct that mistake.
  • At school choosing commerce over science... Commerce/ book keeping has helped solve some problems in day to day living, paying bills etc, but am still trying to gain better science knowledge...which of course involves maths... I still like to have my change worked out in my head while waiting for the silly little dollybird punch the figures into the computer till...!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? AND I HAVE NEVER FOUND A GOOD USE FOR ALGEBRA...
  • What would it be? NOT meet a person who became a law professor. For the technically inclined- algebra gets used quite often.
  • I can honestly say that at 18 years old I would not go back and change any part of my life. Which is weird because my girlfriend and I of 2 years are having a rough time. Thanks for asking this question it is not everyday you get to realize you have lived 18 years with zero real regrets.
  • I forgot to use the plural tense in my last post.

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