• city life. It's what i have always wanted since i lived in the city.
  • City life. I was raised in the country, but I would be bored to death if I moved back there. Also for practical reasons - I'm visually disabled and unable to drive so it's essential that I live within walking distance of places I need to go, or else that there's a very good public transport system. So it would actually be impossible for me to live independently anywhere other than a city.
  • As i live in a small town between two larger towns, i'm caught between suburban and country life, which suits me quite nicely. About 2 miles North or south are office buildings , housing estates and shopping precincts, but then if i go east or west there are miles of countryside just waiting to be discovered.
  • Country life. All the commotion and noise in the city really gets on my nerves.
  • Country life is wonderful, I practice it wherever I go.
  • suburbia works for me, the strip malls, the seven elevens, cable television, high rise apartments.
  • Country. Suburban would be second choice. City is full of leftist-libtards and thugboys.
  • suburban
  • Country. The other two simply don't compare. Quieter. Safer. Dark at night. More privacy. Less traffic. Generally friendlier people. Much less pollution and much less stench. (Though the farmers spreading manure in the Spring is no treat for the nose, that lasts only a couple of weeks.)
  • I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages, but at this point in my life I need to be close to the VA.

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