• I can only give 3 points.
  • There will always be people who think differently from you, and don't agree with what you say, and so will give you 3 points [or minus points, like I have received, hehe]. Also, I, for example, can't give more than 3 because my level is not high enough yet on A/B.
  • Why even look at points? It's just another thing to get upset about. There are too many serious things to be upset about.
  • Shut off your ratings now. You are really focused on silly.
  • I don't look to see if a higher ranked person gives me all 5-6 of their point capacity. If they gave me points, I appreciate it as a thank you and that's enough for me.
  • I seldom notice if they give me any points, let alone how many.
  • Well since I can only give 3 points, I don't think much of it.
  • How can you give more than 3 points at a time?
  • Sometimes I agree that the answer didn't amount to much. Other times I wonder what they're trying to say. Both cases, only when I notice, which isn't often.
  • No skin off of my teeth :P
  • not everyone can give six points
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I figure they awarded my answer as I do. I take into account how much effort they put into answering the question, how logical their answer was, how relevent the answer to the question, and the one that does that best gets the most points if they don't get my award limit.
  • Sometimes I agree with part of an answer, but might disagree with another part so I won't give it the full 6 points. Other times I might think that someone gave a good answer, but it wasn't quite as good as another answer to the same question which deserves to be ranked higher so the best one gets the full points and the other gets slightly less. For my own answers I am happy to receive any points, whether it is 1 point or 6.
  • I couldn't care. That’s what makes me laugh at the 'LURKERS' out there. EVERY site like AB or Blog has them. They have their agenda on specific topics so they LURK there, individually or in groups, and await a post by anyone who disagrees with their dogmatic view. They then pile on the negative rebuttals or points. It doesn't matter if the poster is correct in his argument, they must ridicule, name call, resort to every shade of political correctness and/or ... pile on the negative points. The reason I say I find them so laughable is they ACTUALLY believe they're clever and nobody notices! If they weren't so darn entertaining ... they are the CLOWNS of the Internet ... they would be even more pathetic than they already are... LOL!
  • Since you have no idea who gave you points, you can't know if anyone is giving you their full capacity of points or not. It takes a level of 40 to give 5 (the max) points per question and a level of 43 to give 6 (the max) points per answer. See Personally, I simply appreciate EVERY positive point I get, and assume that anything less than the max is from a lower-level user, which is most likely the case. Besides, points are "gravy" to the responses in answers and comments I get. I mean, if I were THAT worried about points, wouldn't I STILL be trying to get points on the probably over 1000 answers that I have given that have NONE?
  • I never know how many points a person gives me . I try not to take notice of the marks people put on answers or make comments of. Some new people think they have to put plus six as a part of a question. that can get the question flagged for nonsense I think it is a bad habit that has caught on I just give my full points to everyone.

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