• If you genuinely want to help them yes, if you just want to tell them how better you are than they are, no.
  • Technically, aren't we all living a life of sin?
  • People only believe what THEY want to believe! I say, "Don't judge lest thou be judged!"
  • No, it is their journey and we all learn from our mistakes. The perfection is at the end, not the beginning.
  • I think it is not "appropriate" to say that to anyone. It is arrogant to judge a fellow human being. Do you think saying such a thing would make someone stop a behavior that they do not consider a sin? Do you think you would be informing them of some behavior they weren't aware they were doing? What does this accomplish except being judgmental on the part of the person who would say such a thing.
  • Define a life of sin. I am a christian and I will be the first to tell you that I sin quite a bit. We all do. God does not expect us to be perfect. It can be annoying to have someone nag at you for every spiritual shortcoming that they see in you. Remember we are not allowed to judge everyone. If you think about it it makes life easier.
  • If you are a spiritual person, you will no doubt recall the instance of Nathan and how he needed to approach David. Nathan was very careful on how he spoke to David and allowed David's heart to help him draw the correct conclusion. The best way to address this situation would be might be to share some scriptural principles with the person and allow them to think about the matter. We are all sinners and make mistakes on a daily basis. If the person you speak to truly cares about the commandments in the Bible and wants to take steps to correct their ways so as to be approved in God's eyes, their heart will respond to any counsel that you give them from the word of God. Phillipians 2:1-4 2 If, then, there is any encouragement in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any sharing of spirit, if any tender affections and compassions, 2 make my joy full in that YOU are of the same mind and have the same love, being joined together in soul, holding the one thought in mind, 3 doing nothing out of contentiousness or out of egotism, but with lowliness of mind considering that the others are superior to YOU, 4 keeping an eye, not in personal interest upon just YOUR own matters, but also in personal interest upon those of the others.
  • Saint Paul,who tried his best to live the life preached and taught by his Master,Jesus,said that disciples should go out to win converts. Any politician will tell you you don't win many converts by straightway offending people you don't even know,or by putting their backs up. This therefore is also a matter of diplomacy,tact and thoughtful tactics.
  • CHRISTIAN, n. One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor. One who follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are not inconsistent with a life of sin. You may want to see to the beam of your own eye first.
  • If they are truly a Christian, they are aware of it. They are also aware that we are all sinners. Yes it is appropriate, but remember that Jesus said to take the log out of your own eye before you take the mote out of your brother's. He didn't say not to take the mote out of your brother's eye. He said to deal with your own sin first. Years ago there was a story in Guideposts magazine about a woman who confronted her abusive and hard-drinking brother-in-law about his behavior. She held him accountable to what scripture says about how a man is to love his wife and told him on no uncertain terms that he was not living up to those scriptures and was sinning against God and his wife. She intended to pull her sister out of the house, if I remember correctly. But to her surprise, he repented and became a changed man. I can't say that her methods would always work, or that they were even safe, but as the Bible says that we should try to work out wrongs between ourselves first and before the church second before we give up and treat the offender as a tax collector, she was doing right scripturally.
  • No, because if you go by a Christian's handbook (The Bible) it clearly states that only God is the judge of man. +4
  • Judge not; lest you be judged. OR Should I be the kettle calling the pot black?
  • We all sin. EVERYDAY. The last thing anyone needs is for someone to point it out to us. We know. To point out the faults of others takes skill that pastors practice for yrs and yrs to master. You see Nick, if everyone worked on their own relationship with God and not so much what is wrong with their neighbors they would be a better christian. All you need to concern yourself with is someday standing before God and will you hear "Job well done"?
  • Yes, as long as you understand it's God's judgement that truly counts and not yours.
  • Yes. It should be said privately and gently. Once. And then you should speak of it no more. AND you should be ready to hear some opinions about your own sin quotient.
  • Yes, but it should be done with care, respecting common kindnesses even though some characteristics of a person who denies the Judgement in the name of God, the Lord of Mercy- "..Have you considered the person who denies the Judgement? It is he who pushes aside the orphan and does not urge others to feed the needy. So woe to those who pray but are heedless of their prayer, those who are all show and forbid common kindnesses." Al-Ma'un, the Koran
  • Only if you're prepared to have them say the same thing back...
  • One thing that impressed me about Jesus was, he spoke with authority. There was never any question in his mind about what to do because he knew his actions were approved by his Father. The appropriate action is the action you KNOW is the right thing to do. Uncertainty might indicate your faith is not strong enough and it's probably unwise to counsel another concerning something you're not completely sure or confident about.
  • What happened to all the answers here?
  • Interesting that you can see the faults in others but not your own. Don't make the mistake of judging others or as my wife says, 'Mind your own patch of corn.'

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