• No and no. I am NOT normal and would not want to be normal. It is my individuality that sets me apart from others.
  • I don't understand your question. :)
  • I dont think normal exists.
  • Some people go out of their way to make me look like anything but normal.
  • I have never felt "normal" shrinkess. When I was young I was painfully shy. Took many years to outgrow that. My interests were never the same as my peers. The only music I've ever liked was classical and jazz. That's it. I loved Science Fiction, Quantum Physics...avoid horror movies....don't like vulgarity or comedians whose jokes rely on making others look bad. I don't frequent bars...I don't do "girl's night out"..I'm low-maintenance, don't require a lot of attending to...I like the sidelines not the spotlight. So I don't really fit in and never have. What does normal feel like anyway? :)
  • I hope not. I find that I have to work on appearing normal so as to not unduly freak out the mundanes.
  • I do not feel normal and have never tried to appear that way to others... and from what I've been told, I do not appear normal to others. Why in the world would I waste effort trying to convince people I'm something I am not?
  • It's a full-time job, yes. ;-)
  • A very deep and interesting question.+4. I often hide my 'Inner Normality' so as to not cause disharmony in company or society. It can be hard work at times.
  • It's a constant battle for someone with Aspergers Syndrome to appear "normal" to the world. +5
  • I am well adjusted. I simply do not care what others think. Unless of course they can benefit me in some way. I am me no pretension. I think people should be less judge mental.

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