• That's not correct. The question is "how are you going to know they're illegal aliens?". You don't have any right to demand documentation of their immigration status, and without that you really don't know.
  • You can refuse to rent to someone based on their legal status in the U.S. To do this without fear of the law, you must check the legal status of ALL applicants regardless of whether they're obviously Americans or not. If you only check Hispanics, THAT's discrimination. Tell people this verbally before you hand them an application to discourage these people from applying. It saves everyone some paperwork.
  • Because they are the ones breaking the law.
  • You cannot refuse to rent based on race. You can refuse to rent to people who cannot produce verifiable ID, so long as you apply this policy to all tenants.
  • No, you can't, plus money is money and theirs is the same colour as anyone else's. You could just rent it to them and ask for a copy of their passport for your records. If they are nationals then you should hang your head in shame for being such a racist.

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