• What an interesting concept. Holy Jesus Farts!
  • No... having a perfect Father as his life source, he did not inherit imperfection from his imperfect mother Mary. God sent His Son to the earth by transferring his life to the womb of Mary. So Jesus did not have a human father. That is why he did not inherit any sin or imperfection.
  • He died. God cannot die.
  • God judged the world cause of Adam's sin.We get our sin nature through our Father's,not our mother.The Holy Spirit was Jesus Father,so no,there would be no sin inherited.
  • He isn't like Spock. He was a divine being born into human flesh. With a resume like that, you can pretty much write your own ticket. And so, he did. +5
  • She was the Immaculate Conception which means she was born without original sin, therefore, she was the perfect mother.
  • The problem with Christians is that they never explore the life of Jesus Christ on their own. They are indoctrinated and undereducated. Stay with me for a moment and apply some common sense. Christians believe that God made Mary divine so He could procreate and produce a Son. If God could make this woman who was so pure and free of sin, then why didn't he make the rest of us pure and free of sin as well? If you carefully analyze Jesus' life, not once does he state that he is superior to humanity. Jesus calls himself the Son of Man. When he calls himself the Son of God, he maintains that we all are the children of God and calls us his brothers and sisters. So, to give Jesus superiority over man is to misunderstand him. Jesus walks beside us and not in front of us. In denouncing that Jesus was God, the Jews are merely reiterating what Christ said. For Jews to accept Mary as the mother of God, they would have to believe that God impregnated one of his own children. Christians therefore, must embrace pedophilia if they believe in the word of Christ and they believe Mary is the mother of the Messiah since Mary, according to Jesus, is one of the children of God. Not all Christian religions believe that Christ was divine. Unitarian-Universalists believe that Jesus was man, yes, but a perfect man. That makes Jesus human, which he was, by the way. What Christians have done was to turn God into a super pedophile who engages in sex with minors (Mary was no more than 16). And these Christians have asked everyone to accept this as perfection. It's no wonder why Catholic priests engage in sex with their alter boys! Christianity favors such behavior. Furthermore, whoever said that God is perfect? Dost thou believe humans are perfect? Of course not! We know humans are imperfect and we all prove it everyday. Jesus himself, never thought he was perfect. Just because he taught the public to "obey the Father -- OUR Father, by the way -- doesn't mean God is perfect. Whether or not God even exists is irrelevant, for even if God does, in fact, truly exist, he cannot be perfect, because WE are not perfect. So, here are Christians -- and I was raised as one, by the way, and truly believed the teachings of the Catholic Church, until I was 14 and realized that the Christian God is a false god. It is a god that someone constructed and Jesus Christ is a man whose identity was stolen in an effort to assemble a god and bring that god to life. In today's world, Mary would be merely a child who is assaulted by a sexual predator and her family decides to lie about it, claiming somehow she conceived a child on her own -- a miracle, since even hermaphrodites can't impregnate themselves (or can they?). So along comes Joseph, who loves Mary, and agrees to stand by her and her child (a very noble deed), and young Jesus searches for answers about who is, discovering that his father is the Father of every human because we all come from the same family, technically. What Jesus did back then, may not be quite the same as what Jesus would do today, but because of his intelligence, foresight, and obvious sense of leadership, Jesus turned his unknown father into something very important and real. What heady humans have done is to glorify their own existence above all things living by twisting Jesus into something he ever was nor wanted to be. You see, Jesus just wanted to be like everyone else so much that he preached his own understanding of his own life and shaped it into everyone's just to bring people together. But it doesn't matter what we believe, for our belief is our own personal guideline through life in the vast Cosmos which is far too complex for us to understand. I admire atheists because they can be self-reliant. They don't need to stand behind some god that they use and abuse. It takes a lot of guts and courage to stand up and believe that you are just a mortal being and after death there is no punishment or no reward... that everything you do on Earth will only be judged by others and those we leave behind. To me, that drives us all that much closer, empowering us with our own individual greatness, free from having to do something or else we will pay in an afterlife. That is not freedom. Freedom is what Christ taught when he said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." That is the very expression that binds everyone together... atheists too, but it is something grossly missing from Christianity, a very selfish practice when it preaches against the rights of others. Just because we call it "Christianity" doesn't mean it has anything to do with Jesus Christ. It doesn't!
  • He was just put in to Mary by God and so that means he doesn't relate to her.... He is perfect.... Mary is a virgin... that means Jesus had nothing to do with Mary except the fact that he is put into her womb and then born as her son....... but He is the son of God....
  • God prepared the Blessed Virgin Mary for her role so that this inheritance would not happen. Catholics believe in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When the angel Gabriel called Mary, "Full of grace," Mary was already full of grace. No one else in the entire Bible is ever call "Full of grace." And this is God's messenger stating the fact and not a human stating an opinion. When the angel Gabriel said, "The Lord is with you," the Lord was already with her. The Blessed Virgin Mary was in a state of grace before she says "yes" to the angel's question and before the Holy Spirit came upon her for a different purpose. When did Mary's state of grace begin? Since God chose not to reveal this in the Bible, the Holy Spirit has guided the Catholic Church to the belief this state of grace was with Mary since her Immaculate Conception. This means that Mary was conceived in the normal way (not like Jesus) but that she did not inherit original sin. With the grace of God and without the effects of original Sin, we believe that Mary did not commit personal sin at any time during her life. God prepared her for her later role as the mother of Jesus. Catholics celebrate this miracle on December 8 as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 490 and following: With love in Christ.
  • The way I understand it, we have a divine nature because we are created by God. If God and Mary had a child, he would get part of his nature from Mary and part from God. Therefore, he would be at least 3/4 divine. As to his imperfections, they would probably come from both parents. I can't accept that God is perfect (look at some of his creations) therefore Jesus was just as imperfect as his parents. His status would also be affected by the environment in which he was raised. I get the impression, from biblical passages, that his parents weren't strongly into discipline. Since he seems to be strong willed, I expect that would be one reason he had the audacity to claim to be a messiah. I think if he was properly raised, we wouldn't have all of this religious stuff that adds contention to our lives. "Spare the rod, spoil the child". It says that in the bible.
  • JESUS was GOD in the flesh.As far as I know children will have there fathers blood type.GOD the father,GOD the son JESUS,and GOD the HOLY SPRIT is GOD.Some will believe and some never will,you decide for yourself,GOD knows your heart and your every thought,so if you are as smart as you think you are,make a good choice.

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