• I saw it with friends who thought it was pitifully hilarious. I actually liked it better than the book (probably because after reading the book I had immensely low expectations of the movie), but won't be watching it again, or any of the other movies.
  • i loved the movie! ive read all the books im THE biggest fan of the series!!! and i cant wait to see new moon!
  • A real chic flick... I was warned... yech! . That kristen though...
  • The movie was some straight SHIT, and since I read the books before I saw the movie my expectations were HIGH. I dont read very often anymore but I did read these books and was actaully kind of sad when I was finished. They kept me on the edge of my seat! I will see the next movie in November, New Moon. I just hope it doesnt leave me feeling as empty as the first one did.

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