• Because by the time they're learning to talk, the 'baby talk' has been replaced, primarily with 'NO'.
  • Yes! God knows how (if?) those kids ever reach any kind of eloquence in Enlishywingwish.
  • I used to but now I am just pleased that the mum is engaging with the child and not just talking on their mobile phone!
  • Yes an no because babies respond to positive behavior however sometimes it can be a bit too much. But I rather deal with that than the parent who doesn't care to coddle their baby at all. Like stated by Jimmy G at no time at all, infliction is replaced by a firm No and clear speaking when dealing with a toddler in his terrible 2's that actually starts about 18 months. At that time you want to be sure he understands. Baby talk generally only last till about the baby starts to say his first words. As for the woman part, males do it too, they just don't have the higher pitch women have, plus some men won't do it in public for fear of being judged. Now I hope this answer your little question wuestion and have a cutesy woutsey day. LOL
  • They will pick up words like a sponge. My two little brothers learnt so many words when i said them only once. Too fast.
  • yes. if you talk to your child like they're stupid it will take that much longer for them to learn properly. just because they're babies does not mean they do not need or understand proper pronunciation.
  • I agree 100%. I NEVER used baby talk with my son, and never let anyone else do it either.As a result, he learned how to speak clearly the first time, and I don't have to spend my days telling him not to talk like a baby.+3
  • I don't like it. I never did that with my son and he is very well spoken now.
  • I havent done it with my girl cause I didnt and still dont like it. +4
  • I hate when people talk to their kids like that it's so annoying And probably stunts their learning of words
  • You do know that "mother tongue" comes from babies learning language from their mothers, right? Infants are not yet children. They're babies. The soothing sounds of that "stupid baby talk" is the way they BEGIN to learn the language. It's been that way for. . .oh, a million years, maybe.
  • It's not a good thing to do. Babies learn much better speech, faster, by having someone talk to them in plain, enunciated language.
  • I've heard it both ways. I've heard that it isn't a good idea. I've also heard that it helps babies learn to distinguish words and syllables from the constant stream of sound.
  • I hate that. my wife and I always use correct English and don't refrain from using complex words around all of our children. They all learned to speak early and also have good vocabularies. I am greatly annoyed when their friends play at our house and they all begin conversing in baby talk, referring to themselves in third person or intentionally using incorrect pronoun forms.
  • i hate "baby talk"....i never did it with my 3 boys~ and they were having full conversations by the time they were 2.....then i began to wonder if i had done the right thing....hahaha~jk it's funny that i never did the baby talk thing with my boys but we all "baby talk" the dog! go figure~
  • oooh, coochie, frenoouueei! Hooba hooobaa! stupid, stupid, Hooooo, luchie, poopsieeeeee.Yeah, I'm really worried the kid isn't going to learn to speak English! Mothers talking to their babies prevents them from learning language! Yeah thats a real concern!
  • Not annoyed. I do feel sorry for the child. My son and daughter-in-law always spoke to their girls in an adult way. The kids are now in third and sixth grades and have a vocabulary well above their peers.
  • no iv been sucked into babytalk and its pretty nice,i dont think it makes a difference in the long run of life,so one baby can speak 6 mths before another,better,louder,and bla bla bla.when baby starts talking then babytalk comes to a end,who said babytalk is not good for a baby?anyway that is all small things what baby does need is love and a loving home with loving vibes then they grow well.i dont think not speaking baby talk will give a child a better head start in life or guarantee the next wonder-child.dont forget to every parent there child is the best.besides have you never said coochie coo to a baby?you missing out folks
  • It's kind of annoying! I hate it more when people do it to animals though!!! I saw a woman calling her bulldog a widdy biddy baby bambino doggy (I memorised it because I found it hilarious) the other day... a BULLDOG! It was a sad moment for humanity.
  • I babytalked to all three of my children, my nieces, nephews, my daycare children, and they all speak very well. It's natural for many people. All are entitled to their opinions, but my 3 kids are all very well spoken. The two in school earn very good grades, especially in English/Grammar/Spelling, just for another perspective.
  • No, that's natural. Babies are picking up sounds---high pitched voices are especially helpful in learning language. That's how kids began learning any language.
  • Babytalk is an important part of language acquisition and actually promotes language development. After Chomsky and the language acquisition revolution, linguists of that era noticed that without baby talk, or mother talk/motherese, babies from all cultures have a hard time attaching meaning to words. E.g., if you were to play talk radio around a newborn, it wouldn't pick up meaning. Even from tv, which can provide a visual context, babies still would learn to connect the real world to utterances. It's because of this "motherese", the emphasis, the appeal, and what mothers do instinctively when they're speaking in this manner (gestures and whatnot) that helps to form the link between the world and the words. All of the elements are crucial, but this is how kids eventually learn to speak any language.

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