• Worst - Destroy the ozone.
  • Best thing: Invented Elecricity Worst thing: damaging the environment i.e polluting and depleting the Natural resources.
  • best thing....some held on to ideals and values and faith even when the world collapsed around them (eg Black Plague, Holocaust) worst thing....many abandoned ideals and values and faith when the world collapsed around them (eg Black Plague, Holocaust)
  • Best - Come into existance. (i.e. evolve from apes) Worst - Create nuclear weaponry.
  • Best: Art. Worst: Commercialism.
  • The worst thing they have done was Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The best thing is that they have held on to the little thing called hope.
  • The answer is there is no answer. Anyone who reads this, read the words. Humans are compassionate Beings or used to be, we must evole in our own sub consious and rise and stop the evil corporate monsters and the American Government. I am American not a stupid terriosts or anything just want to spread the advise. Ever since this country began we had the thought of freedom let people do what they need and want and let them express themselves with freedom with the same ideals as Jesus and his disapols. Im not christian, but what they taught about everything we dont listen to anymore the Government has block that out, corrupted out minds with things and wants and not help out your neighbor or help others unless you get money. We even lost our meaning of value to christmas and Easter where those days is when you help others who really need it. Now the Government fille dus with these lies so you spend more than you need THATS WHY WE'RE IN A DEBT. I have seen the end of life and Humanity holds the key. We cant see it do you UNDERSTAND!! if we dont do something now if we end our lust, jealousy, hate, greed, competition we will all be a mere footprint in the sand. stop with what "I" want you need to stand up and end this nonsense. 1. Government wants us to spend they get more money to pay there debt to the corpoarte giants that plague the earth 2. They dont care about you at all 3. What i have seen to the steps to the end is persecuting others for a different opinion, next is fear of unknown, fear of what you believe in, next is the power has broken into your fear through wanting and disorder, now laws are passed more more and taxes to keep your mind under false impressions of the truth, next is to hate someone or blame someone else for a mistkae or to prove someone wrong or right when neither is to blame, next is econmic ruin when the government spends over too much to pay its debt then stockbrokers lose there buisness and the larger ones prevail and gain more power, next is to make sure all small busniess owners are wiped out and taxpayers pay so much they cant even afford to live or lose there home and money will get involved people will go mad and lose hope of there future over just things and money, next is government intervention to make you believe that youre being helped to give you a false hope that they will fix your lives when its your life to fix and they will get more money to end, next is the corporate monsters gain enough power to control the mainstream media, votes, stocks, and small busniess they ARE TAKING A WORLD INTO ONE GIANT GOVERNMENT!!! its a new world order an udder destruction of fear, lust, jealousy, and murder. all of it is happening mankind is one more step to HELL 4. the door to hell is here now we have the key the people me you people who work the only way to end this is to go out stop them even if it costs your own life your finacial life, its just money its not going to hold a life not 6billion others and including other life on the planet we cant let this happen please anyone who reads this its happening look at the world look at Obama "CHange""Yes We Can" they are all crooks and know saying that everything will be ok dont worry we will save you its all a lie they made your life a lie and hiding the truth they make so much money and hardly use it but to pay there debt and eventually destrouy the economy taxing is just killing us, we need to set our differences aside forgive, forget, someones opinion will always be different dont let this happen for our kids to let them live the fear we have long endured, enough of your hate, "i hate you, this that" thats not the life people should live in a constand fear of hate and jealousy drop your differences and defeat the evil that plagues this earth which are greedy Humans, dont be a human be a Human Being think of life everyttime you look outside look at the life that surronds you LOOK!!! do you see life fighting? killing? making laws up? it just does a process we shouldnt hold the key we should live it to Earth (God) if youre religious thats God God is the Earth its our consiousness thats what Jesus knew and his disipola, Muhammand, Abrahm, Buddah, COnfusious they lived in shadows of hipcracy lets not do the same, we need to end it now
  • Best, books. Worse, everything else.
  • best- medical technology worst- hard to say....holocaust, Abombs, nuclear weapons, massacres in Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Iran and still the genocide continues....
  • Best-Writing. Through the written word we can read the thoughts of men and women dead for thousands of years. Worst- Religion. Through religion mankind can do some pretty spectacular evil- cheerfully.

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