• what you want just dont try to force it on me and were cool....
  • it would be a bit hard to chew-but i would bite down and swallow any remarks and try not to cross you of my list
  • No, I would ask if you wanted to join me in the theaters Nov. 20, I love Twilight too!!!
  • hell no your still my Mountain Momma
  • I'm not sure. I haven't read the books yet. Actually, I've got two audiobooks from the library loaded into my iPod, but I haven't gotten down to them in my list of books to listen to. And I'm still waiting for two more that I've reserved. I'll let you know later!
  • No, It already changed a month ago when you told me. I knew you couldn't be a real champ!
  • I honestly didn't think I would like Twilight because I am in my early 40's and they seemed like teeny bopper books to me. But when I started reading the first book (after getting pressured by another woman in my office who is 61) I was hooked. The author wrote them in such a way that you could visualize everything going on, you felt like you knew the characters, and the storyline was excellent. Needless to say I blew through all 4 of them. When my son was in the Navy, his ship was out to sea and he told me that a bunch of the guys on the ship read them and liked them too! We live just a few hours drive away from Forks. We went up there one day and it was a blast. I actually liked La Push better than Forks. It was absolutely gorgeous there.
  • I'm not into vampires so we certainly would be unable to discuss it. No worries. We don't have to see eye-to-eye on everything to enjoy spending time together! Happy Saturday MM! :)
  • . . That's an age thing, it'll pass... ... let's hope.
  • Absolutely not, I happen to like Twilight myself. As long as you're just a fan and not a that would be a different story. : ) +3
  • Heck no! I love twighlight. And yes, I'm a guy. :)
  • Yes, you just moved into my top ten favorites!!
  • No. I had no opinion to change!

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