• I flip flop. If I have an automatic, when it finally dies (as all my used cars do) I will get a manual because driving an automatic was boring. Next would be an automatic because I would get tired of having to put down my coffee to shift! Both have their upside and downside when it comes to maintenance. Automatics are still cheaper to insure because the insurance industry still thinks a manual transmission car is a sports car and will be driven as such.
  • I love stick shifts. I'll take a manual any day!
  • I've driven both, but now, with hand-controls, I need it to be automatic.
  • i go back and forth also. i feel more in control with a manual but i love cruise control
  • I like the control of the manual. And it gets better gas mileage. And because I'm a good driver, it has better control in the snow, ice, sleet, rain, etc.
  • I prefer a manual. It's more engaging--keeps me alert and connected with the machine.
  • I like the extra involvement provided by a manual transmission. But my current car has an automatic and I'm OK with it. It's a compact pickup truck, so driving fun is not big part of its mission statement.
  • Automatic.
  • Manual all the way. I prefer to be able to control the RPMs and when to change gear. Automatics annoy the hell out of me because they don't shift when I want them to!!! lol
  • Automatic if driving in stop & go traffic, otherwise a manual. A Manual is more fun to drive.
  • I prefer the new Auto clutch Man Transmission, like TipTronic made by Audi. Its the new kind, where the clutch is automatic and u just upshift and downshift with paddle shifters. If you screw up the gears the transmission computer just adjusts everything so you dont get those wild jerks and shocks
  • manual, more control over the car
  • Manual, as it is all I have ever driven so it is what i'm used to.
  • i like the manual for involvement and fun. i like the automatic when there's lots of chaos in the car or on the road. the automatic traction system is also a nice feature.
  • I prefer manual because then I am in control of the car. On the other hand automatic works better on a lond road trip involving winding mountain roads for hundreds of miles! Happy Wednesday to you! :)
  • In the UK, most cars are manual, although I have owned an automatic. In general I prefer manual transmission, simply because it gives you more control.
  • I prefer manual shift, only because my car is, what i heard is you have more control of the vehicle, and you don't use up that much gas. +5
  • Automatic. I don't handle the stick very well.
  • Auto is the way to go,and unlike others comments I feel more in control because I dont have the gears to worry about(I also have a manual option but I find it to much like hard work).
  • Manual, it keeps you more engaged in driving, and I seem to get better gas mileage with them.
  • I like automatic, manual is too much work to me.
  • I do not care, as long as it runs good with a good heater, air, and radio I'm good.
  • I prefer an automatic. I am lazy.
  • I liked the "busy" feeling of driving a manual. Over time, supposedly the fuel economy difference between manual and auto became nil. Many features such as cruise control seem to come only with auto. Now a manual transmission is hard to find.
  • ... no ... I prefer the simpler "F-N-R" (forward, neutral, reverse) of the 100% electric Tesla or the drive by wire system of the Mercedes F 200 Imagination. .
  • Automatic. New cars don't even come in manual anymore. I just bought new car. Also you don't have things like auto hold, cruise control , hill assist on manuals or even lane departure. A lot of tech is missing in manuals. That's why they're cheaper.
  • I've had both. Auto is my choice.
  • I prefer a manual as that is what I learned to drive back in the 1950s. I feel there is more control with a manual especially when driving in the mountains and 4-wheel drive roads. I also prefer rear wheel drive as I have seen too many front wheel drive cars stuck in only a couple of inches of snow.
    • 11stevo73
      manual for a 4 wd? you haven't driven anything made this century have you? Auto allways in the right gear how many clutches have you gone thru pulling people out of the bog? Most toyotas are detuned in manuals to save the clutch.
  • I've had both and prefer auto trans.

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