• GED® (General Educational Diploma). Eleven years of crappy public education and two years of adult night school was enough BS to last me at least one lifetime! Turns out I'm smarter than most college graduates, and way smarter in commonsense.
  • Well.. I was a college student at community college but I drop out of school. I also drop out school in high school but finished it at adult school at 24 years of age.
  • Associate Degree.
  • Batchlor of Science in secondary education. Enough additional hours I could qualify for a master's degree i n education. An associate's degree in aircraft Maintenace (Airframe & powerplant mechanic.) Don't know if it qualifies but also have a commercial pilots certification.
  • college degree in business and also a gemology degree
  • Bachelors degree and a Gemological degree

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