• I am athiest. Being athiest to me simply states I believe in no God or organised religion. It does not really define my belief, but my lack of a belief.
  • I'm an atheist because I see no evidence to support the belief in a supreme being, some creator being. Most theists I've spoken with fall prey to logical fallacies. Faith can really mess with one's critical thinking skills. I just can't believe in a deity anymore than I can believe there are invisible unicorns between my walls.
  • It simply means that I don't beleive in the existant of a God or a supreme beign and any religion.
  • To me it means I strongly suspect that any and all gods we have and ever used to have are man-made rather than vice-versa. I don't believe any of our gods have an existence outside mankinds collective concious.
  • I don't believe in religion and an truly existing good, and I don't need something like religion that will tell me how to live, and what is wrong and what is right. I can live very free, in harmony with my self and not being afraid of hell or something like that. I can't believe in something thats seems to my really bad fiction, and what being forced to people with power.
  • I'm atheist because there is no God.
  • Yes, here goes: For me, being an atheist means that I do not accept the proposition of the gods of religion because there's no evidence for them and a)Most are logical and/or factual impossibilities b)they're undesirable anyway and since there's no evidence, I have no reason to think they are real and c) they're useless. Also, I hold that no evidence will ever be found for a supernatural being because evidence is a natural thing hence all that is supernatural is unknowable and irrelevant(because it's unknowable) to our lives as they are; the wild claims of religions are just that, wild claims. Therefore, and in this my agnostic streak is revealed,a true god, or deity or anything of the sort will remain unknowable, by definition. This agnostic atheist defines his stance, more or less and at the moment, like that. I'm a little vague on some things (I think but I hope not) so feel free to ask, if interested.
  • To me atheism is the lack of belief in any god, any supernatural being. I do not see enough evidence to prove the existence therefor i cannot believe in it.
  • To base one's actions and beliefs about the world on the the theory that there is no god or other supreme being.
  • It doesn't really mean anything to me. It's just a term someone decided to describe anyone who doesn't believe in the existence of deities. It doesn't define me anymore than my lack of belief in Santa. The only time it becomes relevant in any way is when the topic is actually brought up.
  • There is a hypothesis floating around the would that suggests that there is a god that created the universe. There is insufficient (any?) evidence to support that hypothesis. Therefore, I am an atheist.
  • NO God, KNOW Peace. And freedom, and liberty, etc.
  • To me what is means to be an atheist is that when people try to tell me god is responsible for things, I say "No, I am responsible for my self. God is just a concept that people invented to try to explain things they don't understand" Most of the time it just means that I don't have anyone to thank or blame for what happens, except myself and 'nature'.
  • Yes. I can. As for th rest? I don't know. Are you asking for people to answer for atheists (since you asked in the 3rd person)? For myself - even if you didn't ask for it - it's very simple. I don't believe in any gods. Not Zeus or Quatzecoatl, or Wotan or... ... or Yahweh.
  • To me it means that I was able to shake off the shackles of modern myth that my family and society tried to indocrinate me with as a child. In so doing, I am freed to create a meaningful existence based in objective reality, unhampered by the mind-numbing superstitions and dogma of an anachronistic desert religion and its spiteful, arguably schizophrehic, and all-too-human fictional deity. To be exact (and concise): I believe there are no gods. I do not choose this belief; I recognize that this is my true belief. Saying otherwise would be a lie.
  • Easy, it means you do not beleive there is a greater being, a deity, that runs the show. It means that you believe the world and all elements of the world is here by scientific chance, that we developed out of just the right mix of chemicals and temperatures and that we developed over millions of years into what we see now.
  • It means I live for myself and not some phony god.
  • To me it means a rejection of obvious bullshit.
  • This is religious spam. You trying to create an opportunity to imply that your yicky judgmental myth-belief makes you better than others. How nice. Makes me wanna join so I can be an asshole too!!
  • It means I reject your claim of the existence of god(s) due to a complete lack of evidence.
  • It simply means the disbelief in the existence of God.

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